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Drew Gottenborg

Drew Gottenborg

Who is drew gottenborg

At 10 PM on Alaska’s Denali, the summer sun still hung low on the horizon.  Our team was nearing the end of a 14 hour descent from the 16,000 ft High Camp, descending down Motorcycle Hill to set up camp for our last night on the mountain.  It was the fourteenth day of the expedition, the emotional highs of summit day had faded, everyone was cold, wet, hungry and exhausted.  I felt a tug on the rope and looked up to see Sean, one of the climbers on my rope team, collapsed in front of me, struggling to lift himself back up onto his feet.  In a fit of frustration, Sean kicks his gear sled and punctures a fuel can with his crampon.  Diffusing the situation, I clipped Sean’s sled to my harness, strapped his backpack to my chest, picked him up and anchored my rope-team on a safe descent to our last camp before getting flown off the glacier the following day. 

Shouldering the load to help the team reach our goal is at the core of who I am.  It took me 34 years to truly understand that it's all I want to do, and it galvanized me to create SPUR.  

SPUR is assembling the most talented entrepreneurs in the country to work as a team to identify, acquire and grow the best private businesses.  There is no more audacious, humbling and inspiring goal than Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition to attract superb talent. 

By combining the professional expertise of the SPUR team with the extraordinary talent of our searchers, we will reach atmospheric heights.  Let us rope up, aim high and work together to reach your peak.

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Mike Pilot

Mike Pilot

who is Mike Pilot

When I left college in 1984, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do but there were two things I was positive I would never do: go to work for a big company and stay with any one firm for a long time. So, I went to work at GE and stayed for 31 years.

How did that happen? What kept me at GE for so long?

I’ve contemplated those questions my entire professional life and answered them out loud countless times when asked by an employee in a town hall, a candidate in an interview or a student in a class I was speaking to. Yes, the chance to have impact leadership roles in four completely different industries kept things fresh. I got to travel the world and see amazing things. All this stuff was great, don’t get me wrong, but GE wasn’t the only place you could get it.

What kept me there for three decades was the brilliant, talented, curious, ambitious, innovative, utterly amazingly fun people I worked with. I felt this energy on my first day, my last day, and every day in between. The way we learned from each other. Inspired each other. Enjoyed each other. The relationships we built. The sense of purpose we shared. This was the currency that kept me at GE.

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