What does SPUR do?

  • Invest our time and capital in your search
  • Provide expertise for deal sourcing, evaluation and structuring
  • Earn equity by investing in great leaders

Are you another buyout fund?

Nope, and proud of it. As such we provide an unusual amount of flexibility

  • SPUR does not invest in the acquisition
  • Find the opportunity that fits you
  • Maximize your economic upside

What makes you different than the other search fund investors?

SPUR was built by entpreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are not a "Two & Twenty" fund. We're an operating company with a mission to institutionalize the search process. We are passionate about helping great leaders, and we're willing to work in the trenches daily alongside you.

What do the economics look like?

First we create a search strategy and tailor a budget to meet your goals. Once you begin your search, your expenses are tabulated as they are incurred. SPUR earns equity based on the amount of the investment.

How much equity will I have in the acquired business?

As much as possible.

What are SPUR's goals

SPUR's founders are passionate about people. SPUR seeks to enable inspiring leaders to realize their potential.